Gallery Scoundrel: Short Update

Adopting has so far greatly reduced the time it has taken to prototype a build of Gallery Scoundrel. I should have a preliminary framework and upload handler solidly »

Gallery Scoundrel

In a previous post, I mentioned wanting a system that performs "sane" image and blog management, especially for my clients. Well, it is happening. I made another (cursory) query to »

Roadmap for scrib 2.2.0

Some ideas that have been floating in my head after talking with people about scrib, mainly because I have repeatedly been asking myself the question, "what do I want scrib »

Scrib 2.0.7 Released

Hello! I just recently coded, tested, and released scrib 2.0.7! I'm excited where this is going, and am also realizing that the departure from the old code has »

I Want Sane Image and Blog Managment

It is really irritating that all of the current content systems out there like to either be bloated-feeling (Joomla, WordPress, and that vein) or severely lacking in some basic functions »